It is a joy to meet new people and walk their garden, where the variation of terrain, plants, climate, soil and local architecture combine to define the distinctive character of the setting.

I design schemes that tread lightly on the landscape, embed and enhance existing or new buildings in the landscape, with planting that is both functional and beautiful, low input and high impact.

Problem solving is at the heart of my process – how to minimise the financial and environmental costs of a project, how to create a manageable garden for you to enjoy, how to see the wood for the trees…Solutions from the simple to the radical to enrich your project.

I’m there from start to end on every project, and over the years I’ve got to know some lovely and brilliant people – architects, gardeners, makers, crafters and landscapers. So when you need more than just me, I’ll know exactly who to bring on board.

Every project is a story in the making, and I would love to be a part of yours.

The Design Process

I know embarking on a landscape project can be daunting, and my job is to make it an enjoyable process. Below is a brief walk through the design process, which we will talk through in much more detail when we meet.

Establishing the design brief

From the moment you pick up the phone and call me, I will be getting to know you, understanding what you would love from your garden and figuring out the best approach.

Together we will discover what it is, what came before and what it can become – helping you understand what makes it special. We’ll observe the natural processes that affect the site and identify any idiosyncrasies to be harnessed and developed.

Site survey and analy

Sketching the concept

I will test various ideas and solutions in response to your brief using mood boards, 2D and 3D drawings to help you visualise what is possible.

All of this will lead us to the project concept which we’ll bat back and forth through a creative loop until we are both fully on board.

I will be considering potential costs and practicalities from the outset, developing cost estimates for the work so you know what to expect. It’s in my DNA to make the most of your budget. I find solutions that work with your site rather than against it, and I focus resources into well-considered, sustainable interventions.

Garden design concepts

Design Development

This is when the project starts to get real. We will review and refine the masterplan to include detailed proposals for all of the key design elements, making sure that everything is as functional as it is beautiful.

Less is definitely more. I put equal focus into the micro and the macro – from the smallest construction detail to the overall site design

Garden and Landscape Master plan

Detailed design

Now we move on to the technical part, and I make sure all the details add up to our vision. The design package will include all necessary construction details for the ‘hard’ elements and planting plans for the ‘soft’ elements, as well as detailed specifications and a schedule of works. By getting the details right now, we will avoid surprises later.

The more hands-on part of this stage will involve checking samples of materials and visiting nurseries to make sure the final finish of the project sings with the vision.

Then we’ll be ready to get quotes from landscapers.

I know the right people for the job and will shortlist contractors based on their approach, previous work and suitability for your project to quote for the work.

Once quotes have been received we will weigh up the options and I will help select the right contractor for you.

Construction details

Breaking ground

After a contractor has been appointed we will agree what level of project monitoring is required to keep check on progress.

I will hold everything together through the seasons, guiding you through the muddy mess, visiting site to check the paving is laying as intended, or to set out the planting to ensure our vision comes to life.

It is not unusual to see me wielding a spade with the landscaping team or making a few pruning adjustments to a specimen tree in the corner with my trusty old secateurs.

Landscaping and project management

Over to you

Your garden will be much more than you ever imagined.

I will leave instructions for you to manage and nurture the site, or for your gardener whilst you sit back and enjoy!

I look forward to visiting you in the future, when the plants have knitted together, the paths are worn in, and your garden feels like home.

Working with architects

The design process is easily dovetailed into the RIBA plan of works when working alongside architectural practices on larger construction projects.

JCLI contracts

I use the well respected JCLI Landscape contracts for all private residential projects , providing a clear framework, and terms and conditions for the project.

Further information

For a more detailed explanation of my working process, please email the studio.